First-Time Buyers: How to Capture and Convert into Clients for Life

First-time buyers are new to real estate, and new to the services of real estate agents. Learn from Mark Ryan and Cleve Gaddis how to effectively demonstrate your value proposition and meet their need for information in this month’s RISMedia Content Solutions Agent Webinar.


Mark Boyland on Better Organization

Tired of digging through piles of paperwork? In less than 3 minutes, WSS coach Mark Boyland shows you how to save hours every month just by changing the way you print your forms!


Attracting the Right Talent

One of the biggest issues facing brokers and teams today is the ability to find, attract and hire talent. To keep any office humming along efficiently, it’s critical to get the right people in key positions.

There are many different positions an office or team might hire, including:

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