The Most Important Word in Real Estate

I have taken hundreds of CE classes, seminars and workshops over my yearsSara G in real estate covering so many parts of the business – from prospecting scripts to marketing strategy to lead management to… you get the idea. But what they never covered was this: The most important dialogue I have ever learned.

I particularly remember one deal as a new agent. The buyer had credit issues and it was ultimately determined they couldn’t buy. But it took a long time to get that answer from the lender (times and loans were different then). Although I wound up having a great first year (as first years go), it devastated me to lose that sale and if you looked at my production about 90 days after that deal fell apart, you could tell I let it affect me more than I should have.

Are You Losing Money Every Minute?

Spring cleaning is always a great thing to do; out with the old and in with the new. But onelee of the hardest habits to break seems to be letting time slip away. In fact, many agents cite time management as one of their biggest challenges. So, let me start you down the right path by asking you a simple question…

Inspect What You Expect

In this age of rapidly changing technology, teams become more important, not less. JimHumans, as a rule, do not evolve nearly as quickly as societies. In fact, we individuals may be the slowest moving part of the whole equation. Teams can make us smarter and faster – but only if we put the right people on the bus.

In determining how a team may make our business more efficient or generate more income, one must consider what size team is needed. Believe it or not, the answer is probably smaller than you think.

5 Tips for Marketing Your Team

Did you know that as a passenger using Uber instead of a taxi, YOU areTerri Murphy cropped the one who gets rated?  Really. The consumer who pays is rated by the service provider!  Our society today gets rated on just about everything – from Uber drivers evaluating their passengers to diners rating their latest restaurants to women rating their “dates.” The fact is, with the advent of social connection, we are constantly compared and rated for our services. 

There’s no doubt that real estate clients are more prepared than ever for their buying or selling experiences before they even contact a real estate professional. So how do they determine with whom they want to work?  Statistics reveal that they look for three key things…

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